Stimulant Scalp Mask

Stimulant Scalp Therapy

Hair Supplement for Women

Nourkrin® Extra Strength

Hair Therapy Regular Strength

Hair Therapy Extra Strength

Scalp Mask for Flaky Scalp

Scalp Therapy for itchy scalp

Hair Strengthener for fine textured or limp hair

Hair Strengthener for Medium Hair

Hair Strengthener for Coarse Hair

HairMax LaserComb®

Shampoo for fine textured hair

Conditioner for fine textured hair

Shampoo for medium textured hair

Conditioner for medium textured hair

Moisturizing Spray

Shampoo for coarse textured hair

Conditioner for coarse textured hair

3-Step: #1 Healthy Hair Growth Serum

3-Step: #2 Root Energizing Scalp Mask

3-Step: #3 Hair Root Nourishing Supplement

3-Step: Complete Program

Step 1: What type of hair or scalp problem do you have?

Step 2: What type of hair do you have?